Cider frolic race instructions
02 Jul 2017

Bonjour and welcome to a new race and a new place,  The Cider Frolic 12 hour event race thing in sunny…maybe, Dorset

So here is a farm type relay and 12 hour solo event (we won’t use the word race we know you aren’t fooled!)

Thanks for entering this new race, the family that own the farm the Meadens also own Cranborne Chase Cider brewery, so we just had to put on a race right?

So as with the 12 hour Ox and East Farm Frolic was so popular we thought we would have another go, but a bit less hardcore Henry than the Ox, not so hilly  more rolling countryside.

Ok, Race instructions

Here’s the general idea. Cider Frolic 12 route is 7-ish kms in length. So here’s the thing the race starts at 8.00 am sharp

Solos do as many laps as you want. So if you want a marathon distance you start at 8 and do 6 laps follow the signs easy peezy, half is 3 laps and so on

Teams only one of you runs at a time then you swap as and when you feel like it in the “NEUTRAL ZONE” Or “Piggy change over area” where you hand over your baton (squeaky pig).

Got it? Keep this up for 12 hours or not, do what you like

There’s no pressure, do as many laps as you want there’s prizes for the most laps, this is all about distance covered in 12 hours and if it’s a tie on distance its all about time so if you do 10 laps and you finish 2 minutes ahead of your opponent who is also on 10 laps you win, got it..I hope so….there’s a quiz at the end.

Prizes So if you or your team are good, fast or everyone else is too busy sunbathing and chatting you could win stuff

Solos 1-3 Ladies and gents

First team of two, First Team of Three And first team of four We won’t be breaking it down into male and female and mixed teams

Race timetable

Friday 7th July 15.00 Campsite opens. Food from later in the day 6 ish you can book in a bit in a follow up email

Pick up your number from 1600 and your team mates

Saturday 8th July 06.30 admin opens for number collection 06.30 Breakfast starts

07.45 briefing at start/finish/change over point

08.00 race starts

08.01 Admin staff go and have a coffee and a chat perhaps play some Candy Crush
12.00 Lunch starts
12.15 Admin staff shout some encouraging words etc…”keep going….looking good….etc”
15.30 Admin staff come out of beer tent make sure everything is ok
19.59 last chance to get in an extra lap
20.00 No new runners on the course after 20.00 hrs…….a bit later last runners come in………pretty easy really

We then try and work out who won

Timing chips READ this bit its important

Your timing chip is attached to your number and you have one each, don’t mix up your numbers…..or cross the streams. If you change your shirt put the number/chip back on, teams all you have to do is pass on the Baton (rubber pig) So………………changing runners go over mat, give next runner the baton

WARNING keep away from the timing mats please as it will bugger up the results

Solos you must complete one lap to get the bling. You must do 6 laps to get marathon distance….marathon with a 12 hour cut off how good is that

Teams heres the rules. So pairs must do at least 2 laps before finishing, threes must do 3 laps and fours must do 4 laps. One each got it?

Got it? No exception if you don’t complete the minimum number of laps you don’t get no bling or and you don’t get no scores. You must pass on your squeaky rubber pig in the team races and it must be carried at all times whilst running.

Headtorch if your going out on a lap after 7pm you will need to take a headtorch out with you.

Race stuff  There will be a drop box tent at the changeover point this is mainly for solo runners

Teams and families make yourself at home on the grass bring flags and popup gazebos and banners etc

Shoes trail or road dunno both are good.

Dressing up, please do we need a laugh Disco and Woodland animals and Piggies themed plenty of choice perhaps combine all of it….think Disco squirrel

There is no Lovestation……BUT…..Fernando’s bar returns it’s a D. I. S. C. O. Luuuurvestation and will be at about 3km ish point, food, boozes and drink etc Sangria all day and hourly themed stuff from our boys Andrew, David and bevy of WSR regulars under the ever watchful hostess with the mostest Clare

Mountain Fuel heard of it? No? where ya been Gurl-freend? Mountain Fuel is a relatively new brand and they specialise in high quality endurance sports supplements and Mountain Fuel is made in UK by British people for British races God Bless ‘Em and Her Majesty

Now XMiles is the local distributor of Mountain Fuel and we will have a Mountain Fuel station at the changeover point. So instead of having gels have this stuff.

Like we have said before we don’t deal with people we don’t trust XMiles know there onions (that’s a new flavour BTW)

Children Any kids left to their own devices will be returned to mummy and daddy after we pull them from the race. Got it. We are not a crèche.

Bar will be open all day at the changeover point and we will have inspirational music playing all day hahahaha.

Finishing the race So you cross the finish line and hand us your chip that’s it you are done. If you are still out after the 20.00 cut off you still get a time and distance This means you have 12+ hours to achieve say marathon distance or 50km or even 69 miles if you are spesh!!!!

Things to bring Sun tan lotions, headtorch, cash, toilet roll in fact bring everything

Goody bags, medal and free music festival

Yes you read that right music festival, so medals as per usual and stuff in the goody bag and squeaky toy for everyone
In the village of Six Penny Handley about a 2 miles away theres a biannual music festival. White Star Running being amazing has paid for all runners and other halfs and kids as part of the goody bags, free entry. Theres food and a bar and live music from lunchtime until late..and we have laid on a free shuttle minibus (read the bit below about showers) from 14.00 until midnight its free there and back

Arent we ace??? yes we are!


Camping is a great success at our races. We are using the campsite right on the finish line so sit in you tent and point and laugh at the runners. The campsite is huge, right in the centre of the race, a one minute walk from the start/finish and registration. This field or as we like to call it

‘The Athletes hamlet’ Has had all the sheep removed (there may be poo…it’s the countryside get over it) and you are able to drive your car onto the field

Go for a wee

Portalavs will be onsite and sit down ones too. There may be toilet paper...might be quilted who knows? Doubt it though. Bring some just in case. There will be drinking water supply.


Right this is the complicated bit. We booked showers ages ago now the company that we were dealing with have bailed on us and we are left high and dry….so that’s the  problem

Solution….coz we izz ACE

We have laid on a free shuttle service to the village community centre where the music fest is they have really nice showers and it’s a free shuttle back

Times for shuttle bus are are 14.00 – Midnight before or after that you can find your own way

Dogs Please look after your dogs. That means control them, do not let them near any farm animals at any time. We don’t want you to get in trouble and your dog or livestock hurt or distressed.

Booking Camping This year please book camping by going to Got any questions its cheap, in fact try finding two days camping in Dorset/Wilts cheaper.

White Star staff will be onsite all weekend please rock up Friday night, we have permission for camping all weekend

No open fires or singing late into the night THAT’S YOU Barry Wake and your car alarm.

Be aware of random nudity….just saying it happens. Hook Norton Harriers….thats you

We cannot guarantee the security of valuables, please lock them in your car out of sight.

Some things to remember:



Use the post code

Myncen Farm
83 Myncenington
Blandford Forum
DT11 8DH

in satnavs.

DIRECTIONS TO Mycerne farm

From Blandford Forum

Leave Blandford on the A354 heading towards Salisbury. After about 3 miles you will pass through the small village of Tarrant Hinton. About a mile further on, you will pass a turning on the left signed Chettle & beyond, at the brow of the hill, instead of turning down to Larmer (wrong way) carry on until you see a big pub called the Cashmore Innand massive sign with the word CIDER on it and the WSR signs

Take the next left…LEFT LEFT LEFT.

Follow the WSR signage Do not turn off the lane you are on & follow the WSR signs day parkers follow signage

Campers follow your signs into the farm got it?Follow the WSR signage

From Bournemouth

Leave Bournemouth on the A338 towards Ringwood.

At the large roundabout (junction with A31) take the 2nd exit towards Three Legged Cross.

Stay on this road for about 6 miles, through Three Legged Cross & through Horton until you reach the junction with the B3078.

Cross over the B3078 by turning left & immediately right outside the Horton Inn & continue for a further 3 miles.You will reach a junction with the A354. turn right, instead of turning down to Larmer (wrong way) carry on until you see a big pub called the Cashmore Innand massive sign with the word CIDER on it and the WSR signs Follow the WSR signage left at this bit

From Salisbury

Leave Salisbury on the A354 heading towards Blandford Forum.

After a few miles you will see a big pub called the Cashmore Innand massive sign with the word CIDER on it and the WSR signs turn right just before the Pub.  Follow the WSR signage

Day parkers follow the signs

Follow the WSR signage

Please dont park on the roads as they are in constant use and you dont want your car clipped by a tractor.


Mycerne Farm is someone home is also working farm that means there are lots of dangers for children, dogs and drunk adults. There are large farm machines to get run over by, dangerous structures to fall off, slurry pits to drown in (that’s not amazing way to die), be aware. Theres also blokes with shotguns…..just saying.

Do not approach the livestock. Trampled to death by 100 angry sheep is not nice

Do not let your dogs near the sheep.

Do not under any circumstances leave your kids unattended.

Shop Mrs WSR will be onsite with merchandise and stuff from the worlds greatest race company (that’s us BTW) we have New piggy shirts and vests · Sloth hoodies, tshirts and vests · Real women run stuff vests in Laydees cut too · Death Before Treadmill gear · Slow is the new sexy · Race tops · A selection of Muffs including Sloth Muffs and Purveyors etc…· Nutty races for Nutty people hoodies and tshirts · MUGS we have Nutty and Purveyors mugs to buy, big ones, for big cuppas. · And cow stuff


Q. What’s a “Fernandos Lurvvvestation"?

A. At our races we realise that sometimes you need a bit of boost at the bit in the race where you are starting flag, normally 20 miles in marathons, 7 or 8 in a half etc,so we have the Lovestation.

So when you rock up to the Lovestation you can have a sit down and glass of something nice like flat Coke or a cider and chew on a cake or Scotch egg and just get your s*** together before venturing on to finish the race.There may be a hug or two.

The serious side is we can also have a look at you and assess whether you are in a fit state to carry on.

We realise that most of our races are not easy and present some challenges, heat, hills, exhaustion etc can all take a toll and we are keen not to have any casualties. We take safety seriously and would only pull you out of the race if we felt you looked like death and for you to continue would put you at risk.

Q.What’s the weather going to be like?

A. One moment while we consult with the chicken bones……dunno It might rain, it might not, it might be sunny. Bring all your clothes and every pair of running shoes you own just to be safe. And a warm vest.

Q.Is the route marked and signposted?


Q.Is it self supporting?

A.No we will feed you, we like well-fed runners.

Q.Can I wear an ipod?

A.If you want

Q.Can my tent go next to my mates?

A.Sort your own camping out, camp in the areas marked and you are fine.

Q.Can my car, motorbike, light aircraft, park next to my tent?

A.Yes it’s a big old field..

Q.Camper vans?

A.Yes bring them, if it has shower we may want to borrow it….joke btw

Q.When my husband, wife, boyfriend, sweetheart etc runs where can I go?

A.Tell them to hang around and watch all you elite afferleets do yer run thing

Q.Headtorch why?

A. Camping and running in the dark, in the night, you know dark

Q. Do I have to enjoy myself?

A. No, its running about in the most beautiful areas in Dorset and Wilts you will hate it

Q. What other races do you organise?

A.Right ready? Giants Head Marathon, Hilly, Britain's best marathon. OFFICIAL. The Larmer Tree Races, 20 miler Marathon and Half, Hilly (it was great this year)

Bovington, The Ox Races, East Farm Frolic 12 hour race for solos and Teams Multiple laps and marathon half and 10k on Saturday before The Dorset Invader, Marathon and Half Marathon. Bad Cow Weekender, what else

ah yeah Dorchester marathon and half Yeah roads baby.

Have fun on the farm but remember its not a Funrun