THE OX - Thank You!!!

The Ox was for the most part a great success not to be out done by rain, wind,mud, flooding and people vandalising the signage on the Ultra (sorry to the guys who got lost) we even got the distance right on the Marathon...a first for us.
Glad everyone liked the medals and the Tshirts.
Stats 1.6 tonnes of water 48 litres of coke (rots your teeth ya now) 2 kg of jelly babies and 200 mini scotch eggs!
In the last week Foo and BB did 322 miles off road signing it. We will have hundreds of photos on Flickr here
We will be back next year but there will be changes.
The start and finish and camping will be down near the Golf Club we will arrange for food in the evening for campers and we will sort out the issues with the signage.
Look out for Larmer Tree which opens soon and Night Mole races 10k night races down in Darzzet.
We are going to sit down and have beer and try and catch up on our sleep.
Once again thanks to all the volunteers and helpers you were all superb pulling out the stops when crisis struck thanks to you all.


Latest News : Jun  29 - Giants Head Marathon

So its been a fantastic weekend Ian, Corin and Andy hope you all had a great weekend 10k, Marathon or spectating
So many great stories, Marathonmanuk was there lovely to meet you and good luck. 
Well done to Martin Draper 100 marathons and thankyou for choosing us as the century.
So many nationalities, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Latvians, the Americans and more and of course all the nutters from the Emerald isle.
So many runners doing their first marathon with us too...blimey!
Barn dance we feel is a great idea and we have booked Black Sheep will dance next time.
The "Lovestation" will return of course and we will get a sound system for a bit of 70's disco theme perhaps?
Kev will return to 17 miles in the kilt.
Mrs Morris will return with here hand held cannon to start the races.
Our farmer in the buff will return with new ideas to entertain you.

BTW The sheep that looked a bit poorly at 2 miles. Shes fine shes just a bit old and cranky and cant make it up hills very well (sounds familiar) when she sees people she cant run off so quick so she just lies down and waits for you to go past apart from that shes fit and well.
There will be a change of route we dont want the dramas of this year with.
The new marathon route will not lose its essential hillyness or beauty, in fact you will be amazed at the places we can find you to run...up.
We are very lucky we have many farmers and landowners that like what we are doing and have been very generous and let you run on private land. We would like to thank them all. 
Hope you like the pint glass our mates Merox Screenprint and embroiderydesigned them and Tshirts and hoodies
Thankyou Bex Johnson for the Jelly babies, the ladies from Cakes 4U in Sydling for the freshly made cakes.
Thankyou to the Village Hall Committee, Sydling parish council and the WI, for looking after us.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered out on the course. So many people helped we love you all.
Look out for the free photos we had three top photographers on the course from our side and there many others adding their pics on Facebook
Pics on Flickr soon
see you next year and at Larmer tree and the Ox and all the others we have lined up for 2014 

results published soon


Please give us your thoughts on the race here thanks

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